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Based on your selection, volume and location, here are the best options for you to recycle your e-waste with us.

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Looking to recycle something else?
Looking to recycle something else?

Do you have other electronic waste items that you need to recycle, or you'd just like to start again? No problem!

Our business services
Our business services

We have many services for businesses to make good use of their e-waste, check out our business services now.

What else can we recycle?
What else can we recycle?

We can recycle all types of electronic waste, see our full list of all the e-waste items that we'll happily accept.

Frequently asked questions

What is electronic waste (e-waste)?
Is e-waste considered hazardous?
How do we sort it?
What is our approach?
Why can't it be done in New Zealand?
Why shouldn't I throw e-waste in the trash?

Having a clear-out in Auckland?

We'll pick up your goods within 25km of the Auckland area. Book in a pickup today!