Computer Recycling Ltd achieves ISO 9001 & ISO14001

Computer Recycling Ltd achieves ISO 9001 (Quality management System) & ISO14001 (Environmental management system).

In little old New Zealand, we are a few years behind in the world of electronic waste recycling.

The industry has very little regulation and there are a lot of cow boys out there, who will collect your used electronics and take the good and dump the bad.

When choosing someone to dispose of your end of life electronics in an ethical and secure way, it is important to choose a legitimate organisation with the right systems in place.


Computer Recycling has just achieved ISO 9001 and 14001 Certification for:

“Secure data destruction, second hand electronic remarketing, e-waste recycling export, reverse logistics, e-waste and processing and sorting, corporate decommissioning of end of life telecommunication equipment”

We aim to be the best in the industry and to do that we need to instil trust and offer full transparency to our customers.


Computer Recycling Ltd Certificate QMS

Computer Recycling Ltd Certificate EMS

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