Getting rid of electronic waste in the workplace

Why an e-waste bin could benefit your business

In the western world, there’s barely a part of our day-to-day living where we don’t turn to technology. In the home, at work, at school and in the community, technology has transformed our lives.

Our desire to have the latest and greatest gadgets and the most up to date technology means that we’re often quick to replace commodity technology. It’s especially true in the workplace where both employees and consumers have an expectation that they’ll have access to the most recent technology in order to get a job done.

What this means though, is that e-waste is currently the fastest growing municipal waste in the world. Despite technology being so prolific in our lives, the same can’t be said for appropriate facilities to dispose of it.

It’s not uncommon to see home or office storage space occupied by outdated, broken or unusable hardware, TVs, phones, and electronics. After all, you’ve spent so much on it in the first place, it seems wasteful to send to the tip. And given that your hardware may often contain sensitive information, it’s not surprising that you are cautious about where it ends up.

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That’s where an electronic waste recycling bin comes in

What if you could dispose of your e-waste with confidence – and with ease – knowing that it’s not going to end up in the wrong place, or in the wrong hands?

To make it easy for hardware and electronics to be disposed of, Computer Recycling offers electronic waste recycling bins that can be placed right next to your traditional recycling bins at home, in your school or community centres, or at your workplace.

Our bins are available to hire. We’ll drop it off, then pick it up again once it’s ready for collection. Simple!

Here are some common questions we get about this e-waste solution:

What about that sensitive equipment?
What happens to hard drives?
How long can we have it on-site?

Make a sustainable and safe choice when it comes to disposing of your business, school or community group’s electronic waste. Using a safe disposal method is better for you, and for the planet!

Check out our E-Waste Recycling Bins right here, give us a call on 0800 EWASTE, or email to organise your recycling bin.
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