Making the Switch: Our Transition to Electric Forklifts

Forklifts have been an essential part of the manufacturing and warehousing industry for decades. These powerful machines are used for lifting, stacking and moving heavy objects around warehouses and facilities. However, the use of gas-powdered forklifts has been a source of concern for many companies, as it contributes to environmental pollution and safety hazards. As a result, many companies are making the switch to electric forklifts. Companies such as us!  

We recently worked closely with Andrew & the team at Fowlers to identify a battery-powered forklift solution that worked for us. The challenge was to reduce emissions from our existing forklifts and to keep up with the increasing demands and flow of e-waste processing through our facility. Our highest priorities were providing new & safe equipment for our team, migrating to a more sustainable forklift option, and in doing so, update the technology to align with other world-class machinery in our facility.

We required a forklift to be robust enough to handle tipping e-waste materials into sorting bins to be processed, with safety technology that could operate in areas with pedestrians. The best machines for the job were lithium-ion electronic forklifts, to replace our LPG machines. No more fumes, emissions and less noise – resulting in an immediate benefit to our warehouse staff. Li-ion batteries are compact and lightweight, making the forklifts nimble and manoeuvrable. Additional, the batteries have a longer lifespan and faster charging, meaning there is less charging down-time and little impact on the Warehouse staff.

The results are speaking for themselves, as the team enjoy quieter, safer and healthier equipment in our facility – which is kinder to our staff and to the environment!


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