Newstalk ZB: Getting Rid of E-Waste

Last Saturday, 'Ecoman' Malcolm Rands joined Newstalk ZB's Jack Tame, where they discussed our growing e-waste problems, how to responsibly dispose of your old electronics and our CR E-Days.

During their conversation, Malcolm shared vital information with listeners regarding how 80,000 tonnes of e-waste is generated by Kiwis each year, and only approximately two percent of that recycled. It's a growing issue, one which is having an overwhelming effect on our landfills due to the toxic nature of e-waste components. 

However Malcolm also highlighted how these unwanted electronics contain precious metals, which can be carefully extracted ensuring they can be used again. 

"Electronics are also full of treasure, the rare metals that products and the new generation batteries need. Specialty recyclers are growing their capacity to take electronic waste in New Zealand. There are lots of places that are eager to get your computer or TV screen, refurbish it, and pass it on to a small business, school, or charity in need. They help keep these materials out of landfill, which also lessens the demand for new rare earth materials."

Malcolm then highlighted future opportunities for product guardianship by manufacturers, and the work Computer Recycling is doing through our CR E-Days to ensure communities are given opportunities to divert their e-waste from ending up in landfill. 

Check out Malcolm's full conversation with Jack Tame here!

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