Batteries can be extremely hazardous if disposed of incorrectly, make sure you're recycling all batteries responsibly, as the components can be toxic.


Battery Recycling

Batteries release harmful toxins if disposed of incorrectly - they may be small but they can be extremely hazardous! Make sure to take care of battery recycling in Auckland with the help of Computer Recycling. We have a duty as responsible recyclers to act sustainably and reduce waste.

These larger types of batteries can be especially harmful and require proper attention to dismantle and recycle them. There’s no need to worry about getting rid of your unwanted e waste, battery recycling in NZ is easy and effective. Either drop off your battery recycling to our recycling centre, or request a collection if you live within 50km of Auckland.


What does it cost?

All types of batteries should be recycled responsibly, we'll take them off your hands to make sure the environment is protected from harmful chemicals that they contain.

Household Batteries

Bring down all your household batteries to us, it doesn't matter what type, we'll recycle them for you.

$5 per KG

Lead-Acid/Car Batteries

Lead-acid or car batteries can be toxic to the environment, bring them to us to be recycled responsibly.


UPS Batteries

Large UPS systems can also contain some very harmful components, we'll dismantle them and recycle them properly.



Your recycling options

Request a collection
Request a collection

If you live within 40km of the Auckland area, we'll come and pick up your e-waste. Charges apply. 

Drop it off to us
Drop it off to us

Come down to our recycling yard to drop off your electronic waste, we'll take it off your hands and get it recycled responsibly.

Request a recycling bin
Request a recycling bin

Does your place of business need an e-waste recycling bin that we collect for you? Learn more about our e-waste bins.

Order a recycling box
Order a recycling box

Order an e-waste recycling box, get it delivered to your door, fill it up and send it back. It's easy and you can do it from anywhere in New Zealand. 

Frequently asked questions

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Having a clear-out in Auckland

We'll pick up your goods within 40km of the Auckland area. Book in a pickup today!