Tablets & Phones

Tablets and phones are perfect for recycling. Many of the components from these devices can be reused and may be harmful if thrown away.


Mobile Phone & Tablet Recycling

Upgraded to the latest smartphone for your business? Dispose of your unwanted older models for free at Computer Recycling in Auckland. We take care of tablets and other handheld devices for free as well. It’s never been easier to say so long and farewell to your tablets and cell phones.

We take our duties as responsible recyclers seriously, with a focus on preserving any valuable components whilst also protecting your privacy. Computer Recycling make mobile phone recycling quick and easy, with no hassles involved.

We offer free collection within 25km of the Auckland area or you can drop-off to us in person at our recycling centre. Be smart when getting rid of your e waste, cell phone recycling ensures that your old cell phone is safely disposed of.

Your recycling options

Request a collection
Request a collection

If you live within 25km of the Auckland area, we'll come and pick up your e-waste. The pick-up is free, but there may be a cost on some items.

Drop it off to us
Drop it off to us

Come down to our recycling yard to drop off your electronic waste, we'll take it off your hands and get it recycled responsibly.

Request a recycling bin
Request a recycling bin

Does your place of business need an e-waste recycling bin that we collect for you? Learn more about our e-waste bins.

Order a recycling box
Order a recycling box

Order an e-waste recycling box, get it delivered to your door, fill it up and send it back. It's easy and you can do it from anywhere in New Zealand. 

Order box

What does it cost?

Phones and tablets have many components that can be recycled easily.


Any phones including smartphones, digital cellphones, or any other type of phone.



Any tablet device of any size, including iPads or any Android or Windows tablet devices.


handheld computers

Any PDA, personal handheld computers, or any other tablet-style handheld devices.



Frequently asked questions

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Why can’t I put my phone or tablet in the rubbish bin?
What’s in my mobile phone?
What happens to the data on my phone or tablet?
Is e-waste considered hazardous?
What is your approach to recycling my old electronics?

Having a clear-out in Auckland

We'll pick up your goods within 25km of the Auckland area. Book in a pickup today!