TVs & Monitors

TVs & Monitors are perfect for recycling. Many of the components from these devices can be reused and may be harmful if thrown away.


TV Recycling

Get rid of your bulky, unwanted TVs and monitors at Computer Recycling in Auckland. We also accept CRT televisions and computer monitors. No matter how old and dusty your TV might be, we’ll take care of your e waste. Some components of TVs and monitors are harmful and require special care to be disposed of properly.

Take care of the environment and dispose of your TV electronics responsibly. It’s no problem if your electronics are too hefty to bring along to Computer Recycling in Auckland, we can come to you! We can also offer e waste bins if you dispose of electronic waste regularly.

What does it cost?

We recycle electronics responsibly, some items in TVs and monitors are harmful to the environment and require specialised equipment to properly recycle.

CRT TVs & Monitors

All CRT televisions, computer monitors and any CRT terminals.

$40 per item

Drop-off Locations
LCD & Plasma

All flat-screen LCD/LED and Plasma televisions

$20 per item

per item
Drop-off Locations
Monitors & Touch-screen

All touch-screen and other miscellaneous flat-screen monitors.


per item
drop-off locations

Your recycling options

Request a collection
Request a collection

If you live within 40km of the Auckland area, we'll come and pick up your e-waste. 

Drop it off to us
Drop it off to us

Come down to our recycling yard to drop off your TVs or monitors, we'll take them off your hands and get them recycled responsibly.

Request a recycling bin
Request a recycling bin

Does your place of business need an e-waste recycling bin that we collect for you? Learn more about our e-waste bins.

Order a recycling box
Order a recycling box

Order an e-waste recycling box, get it delivered to your door, fill it up and send it back. It's easy and you can do it from anywhere in New Zealand. 

Order box

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Having a clear-out in Auckland

We'll pick up your goods within 40km of the Auckland area. Book in a pickup today!