Asset Auditing

Computer Recycling can provide asset auditing for your business as part of your IT decommissioning process.

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Work Computers
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Mobile Phones
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Anything else with a plug
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If your company’s IT hardware is reaching the end of its lifespan, we can collect it and audit the assets as part of the deactivation service. Asset auditing is part of the secure asset disposal service offered by Computer Recycling, and includes the following steps:

• Collection 

• Counting units and capturing details such as serial numbers, make, model and other specifications

• Capturing hard drive serial numbers

• Securely destroying all hard drive data

This thorough asset auditing process ensures businesses have full transparency over which assets are being decommissioned and can accordingly adjust their organisation’s ongoing IT asset inventory. 


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Safe and secure data destruction

Various methods can be used to clear hard drives and remove sensitive company data. Computer Recycling follows a rigorous data destruction process. Computer Recycling’s trained technicians will collect your electronic equipment or visit you on-site to complete the data erasure process. Once complete, your equipment is manually audited by our technicians and erased using the Blancco software. Full reporting and certification is supplied to our clients.

 To learn more about data destruction services that Computer Recycling offers, visit our Data Destruction services page here.

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