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We take confidential data destruction and decommissioning very seriously. Our data destruction services aim to protect your data security.

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Data Destruction

We offer audited reporting for confidential data destruction, both in-house and on-site, for a wide range of electronic equipment. Unlike other data destruction companies, we serve to offer you complete transparency by documenting the entire process from beginning to end of your hard drive data erasure.

Computer Recycling in Auckland is highly experienced in e-waste recycling and understands the importance of secure data destruction as an unmissable part of the process. You can trust us to handle your data destruction with attention and care for ensuring your data privacy. 

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Hard Drive Data Erasure

To begin the process of your data destruction, please arrange for Computer Recycling to collect your electronic equipment and confirm that you require hard drive data erasure prior to e-waste recycling.

Once we've collected your electronic equipment, our trained technicians will begin data decommissioning. When this is completed, we must audit your equipment to erase your data clean with our preferred software; Kill Disk and Blancco. After hard-drive data erasure has taken place, we send a report and certificate to ensure completion.

The recycle and reuse process may safely begin now that we've completed secure data destruction.

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