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Wondering where to sell used electronics for recycling? Computer Recycling’s IT recycling and refurbishment programme can meet your business’s disposal needs.

Desktop Computers
Desktop Computers
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Put your company's e-waste to good use

Buy and sell used electronics with us and get returns from ex-lease or obsolete tech. What may no longer serve you could come in handy for somebody else! Re-purposing electronics keeps unnecessary e-waste out of landfill, while increasing access to affordable technology for New Zealanders who may not otherwise have the opportunity.


Buy & sell used electronics

We work to achieve the best possible returns for your unused electronic items. If it is time for you to get rid of e-waste clutter from your office, organisation or school, let the prospect of financial return motivate you to turn your unused electronics into gold.


Postively impact the environment through recycling your tech

Business IT remarketing also ensures that new items are kept out of circulation by continuing to reuse electronics, this decreases the demand for new parts or raw materials. At Computer Recycling we have developed remarketing programmes for whole items, components and commodities.

Frequently asked questions

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We help great businesses to reduce e-waste

Is your business looking to buy or sell used electronic goods?

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