A little bit about us

Computer Recycling is an electronic waste recycling and e waste disposal centre in Auckland. We specialise in technology reuse and computer recycling, which includes almost anything with a plug. Whether you are having a household clear out or have upgraded the tech for your business, Computer Recycling is here to help. 

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About Computer Recycling

Our goal is to reduce the amount of electronic waste sent to landfill by actively engaging in sustainable recycling and reuse practices. New Zealand does not yet have a regulated e-waste industry with product stewardship enforced so that companies must take responsibility for recycling their end-of-life products on behalf of the consumer. We hope that this shall change in the near future but, for now, Computer Recycling is here to help you safely dispose of your electronic waste with ease and for low or no cost.

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E-Waste Recycling in Auckland

With e waste collection across Auckland, getting rid of your unwanted electronic waste has never been easier on you or for the planet. If you’d prefer the convenience of dropping off your computer recycling in Auckland, come and visit us to drop off your unwanted electronic items. Almost all electronic items can be accepted at our computer recycling centre in Auckland. Our collection and drop off services are efficient and easy to use, we’re here to help you out with disposing of those heavier electronic items and most items are able to be recycled for free.

Computer Recycling is a responsible recycler. You can trust that your e waste disposal will be appropriately dismantled in a safe manner, with your data securely removed from all devices.

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Secure E Waste Disposal

Sending your unwanted electronics to landfill instead of Computer Recycling isn’t only a waste that does harm to the environment, but it can also be unsafe for you. Electronic waste releases toxic chemicals that contaminate landfill sites. If you simply throw your e waste in the bin, you risk identity theft if you haven’t completely erased your data to secure your privacy. We offer permanent data destruction with a range of options available to protect your data security before recycling your e waste disposal.