E-Scrap Trading

Choosing the right electronic parts supplier to conduct e-scrap trading with is important to ensure that your e-waste will be disposed of in a safe and secure way.

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E-Scrap and Parts Trading

Trade your electronic parts in NZ with Computer Recycling. If you’ve got electronic components in Auckland to get rid of, look to us for e-scrap trading solutions that protect you and the environment.

We are a responsible recycler with a certified license for e-waste recycling. With Computer Recycling in Auckland, you can trust that your e-waste will be appropriately and safely dismantled, sorted and reprocessed, and your data safely removed.

Payments from electronic parts sales are determined on a case by case basis, so get in touch with us to discuss e parts trading.

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Electronic Parts Suppliers

E-scrap trading is becoming increasingly common as a means of gaining financial return by selling your e-waste to an electronic parts supplier. After all, electronic parts may hold their value long after you’re done with using them. In this way, e-waste recycling stands to benefit both you and our environment in NZ.

Computer Recycling stands for e-scrap trading that promotes the safe and responsible disposal of e-waste in an environmentally friendly and ethical way. It’s important to know when e-scrap trading with electronic parts suppliers, your e-waste is going up in the right hands.

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